W-Power Inspiring Women in Business
W-Power Inspiring Women in Business

Season 1, Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Interview with Irianni Muñoz Blandines founder of Genie in the Lamp Travels


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in sparsely populated communities across northern Europe.

W-Power works with women entrepreneurs in sparsely populated areas across northern Europe and the Arctic rim, encouraging them to set-up, develop and grow their businesses. The project seeks to achieve this through capacity building and providing opportunities for transnational connections and learning.

W-Power Inspiring Women in Business Podcast shares the stories of some of the amazing women who are part of this project and their journeys in business.

My guest today is Irianni Muñoz Blandines who set up Genie in the Lamp Travels. Irianni always wanted to be an entrepreneur and create a company that allows her to share her passion about history and culture with other people. Irianni came to Oban from Cuba 10 years ago and has also be working as a local tour guide in Oban sharing the town with visitors

My name is Irianni Munoz, I’m 31 years old and I was born in Havana City, Cuba. After graduating as a Computer Science Technician and work as a webmaster for 5 years I decided to switch careers and became a tour guide, since I love talking to people and I’m passionate about history, culture and sharing those things with other people. I met my husband while in Havana, and after 10 years together and 2 children we decided it was the best for us to move to the UK.

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