W-Power Inspiring Women in Business
W-Power Inspiring Women in Business

Season 2, Episode 6 · 9 months ago

Interview with Anna Kuhmunen, owner of Silba Siida


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in sparsely populated communities across northern Europe.

W-Power works with women entrepreneurs in sparsely populated areas across northern Europe and the Arctic rim, encouraging them to set-up, develop and grow their businesses. The project seeks to achieve this through capacity building and providing opportunities for transnational connections and learning.

W-Power Inspiring Women in Business Podcast shares the stories of some of the amazing women who are part of this project and their journeys in business.

My guest today is Anna Kuhmunen, owner of Silba Siida.

Anna and her partner Erik are a young indigenous Sami couple and created an experience where guests enjoy real Sami hospitality, from food to stories around the fireplace. They live the traditional lifestyle based on reindeer herding and love to share this with visitors.

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